Wherever you look, whatever you do – in some way Zünd technology is involved in most of the things we see and use in our daily lives. Whether in graphics or packaging, leather or textiles, or even in a host speciality applications, Zünd likes to stay ahead. Not surprisingly, the Zünd brand has become synonymous with innovation, precision and reliability.

Top technology on solid ground

In a world that has become enormously complex, the ability to react to changes is critical. Those who serve multiple and highly diverse markets constantly have to balance opposing needs. The modular construction of Zünd digital cutters guarantees a degree of flexibility that is absolutely essential – and the key to our lasting success.

As a company, Zünd will continue to thrive only as long as our costumers, co-workers and suppliers can all share in our success. Zünd will develop and believe in system solutions that reflect responsibilities towards people and the environment – solutions that are technically superior while delivering exceptional customer value.



You can rely on us

For more than 30 years, the Zünd name has stood for Swiss quality, sustainability, technical superiority and unique customer value. Because of their exceptional speed and acceleration, intelligent tool control and automatic material-handling, Zünd cutters have become high-performance production systems.

Zünd is a second-generation family business and firmly committed to its Swiss-based production facilities. Close and long-standing relationships with innovative regional suppliers guarantee consistent , high-quality workmanship. Just in-time delivery from suppliers is a key factor in Zünd’s ability to maintain flexibility and efficiency in the final assembly of its products.

People and the environment – we care

Zünd has been committed to the environment for many years. The recent completion og Switzerland’s first passive-energy industrial building is further testimony of the company’s philosophy. Every aspect of the new building’s construction and design is in full compliance with Switzerland’s stringent Minergie-P standards.

For anything to reach its full potential, it must have firm roots and ample space to grow. Humans, when given a chance to grow, engender success – for themselves and for others. 


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