Intelligent. Efficient. Double your Productivity!

Zünd sets the standard for digital cutting, from one-up orders to high-volume production. The D3 offers a powerful, well-designed solution. The digital cutter can handle an incredible range of different materials cleanly and efficiently, while optimizing your entire production workflow.
The benefit to you; knowing that your ROI is guaranteed – now and in the future.

Precision and tool initialization

Zünd D3 cutters are precision machines. From the direct drive to the blade, all components are perfectly streamlined with one another. Produce your jobs efficiently at the highest level of quality. Impress your customers with perfect products.

Quick, precise, time-saving: the setting of knives, routers, and creasing wheels takes place via the fully automatic initialization system. Manual adjustment work to determine the cutting depth is no longer necessary.

Two beams – max productivity

The D3 sets new performance standards with its innovative double beam system. The two beams can each be equipped with up to three different modules and enable the doubling of the material throughput in one fell swoop. The intelligent cutter controller allocates the jobs between the two beams and thus ensures the highest possible productivity.

Fully automated production

High volume, high quality and flexibility – with the Zünd Board Handling System, you can run 24/7 non-stop production with minimal personnel! Fully automated board loading and unloading limits the necessary labor to bringing in/removing pallets of stacked uncut/cut media.

Flexible cutter concept

Right in line with the modular design concept, the D3 can be adapted to new requirements at any time. With this unique modularity, the D3 offers the highest degree of value retention and investment security. Define your production requirements and put together a tailor-made cutter configuration from the Zünd kit concept. Upgrades and expansions are always possible. Define which functions your cutter has to fulfill and configure your individual tool combination

Automatic calibration system

The system automated calibration for blades, bits and crease wheens eliminates any manual intervention for determin the correct cutting depth. This efficiently makes the setup process fast and precise.

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