Acrylic Applications

The requirement-focused modular design enables eurolaser systems to be specially configured to suit every requirement and at the same time provides the necessary flexibility. The system design is focussed mainly on requirements that are generated from later use.

For cutting acrylic, laser systems are provided with a special table comcept, the raster plate. Its absorption area reduces surplus laser energy to a minimum and in this way prevents reflections and damage to the material. Laser power, work area and optional automation technologies are selected according to your needs.

Advantages at A Glance

  • Crystal clear, smooth cut edges in a single process
  • No need to clamp or fix the acrylic
  • No chips – less contamination and reduced overheads
  • Attractive engraving results in a matt silk finish
  • Practically radius-free cutting of inner contours
  • Machining with protective film possible – no damage to the material

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