Foil Applications

The processing of technical foils and films always means a production engineering challenge. A high degree of material diversity with concurrently high demands for product precision, long life and maximum flexibility from production methods. It is precisely in this environment the advantages of eurolaser‘s modular system design is useful. In order to guarantee your system is ideally suited for your application, we concentrate on the your production requirements during the system design.

For foil processing, laser systems are provided with a special table concept, the honeycomb. The beeswaxlike structure, from a thin aluminum foil, is very stable and allows a particularly good vacuum to form under the material. This very level tabletop is therefore used for materials with an unstable surface. Laser power, machining area and optional automation techniques are selected according to your needs.

Advantages at A Glance

  • High precision – the most minute cutouts are possible
  • No sticking of residues to the tool
  • Cut edge sealing
  • No mechanical stressing of the material
  • High flexibility
  • No upfront costs for tool construction


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