Available options and solution

Remote Operation

A software controlled partition of the processing area allows you to cut your material on one side of the system and to reload the other side at the same time. It changes automatically between the two ares, so that your system is in almost 100%-use.

  • Load and unload your laser system during the process
  • The integrated safety concept makes material removal and loading absolutely risk-free
  • Make full use of your laser system’s capability by reducing breaks in production
  • The shuttle table impresses with its simple operation

Shuttle Table System

Increase the productivity of your laser system.

  • Ensure Better system utilisation by loading and unloading during the process
  • The moving material enable you to access the produces parts more easily
  • Minimize down times and increase the viability of your laser system
  • The shuttle table impresses with its simple operation
  • The set-up time for a table change is approximately 4 seconds

Conveyor System

Automate the material feed for continuos textile cutting.

  • You will work more economically by using automatic material unwinding and feeding
  • Remove workpieces during the cutting process
  • No fabric distortion
  • No stress on material
  • Material is positioned precisely on the cutting table during the process of cutting
  • Cut pieces longer than the table
  • Available with different feeding and winding units


Camera Vision System

The camera vision system guarantees precise cutting of printed material.

  • Achieve high cycle times with a high degree of process safety and minimal machine setup times
  • Improve your cutting results by using software controlled compensation for shrinkage, expansion and twists in the material

Mechanical Cutting

Many options on a single system.

  • Combine your laser system with the efficient mechanical Zünd tools
  • Knife cutting, creasing, routing, kiss-cut and more options available
  • High performance tools, ideal suited to industrial applications
  • With minimum investment you will receive maximum possibilities and flexibility
  • Tools can be retrofitted at any time as needed

Raster Engraving Unit

Engrave razor-sharp images.

  • Produce 2D-images and 3D-reliefs in photographic quality
  • Produce vector engravings, raster engravings and vector cuts in a single work frame
  • Engrave with 256 shades of grey and a resolution up to 1200 DPI
  • No chips are produced while engraving and the material does not need to be clamped
  • No tool change necessary for this option