Intelligent. Efficient. Ready for the future!

Zünd sets the highest standard for digital cutting technology. The robust G3 machine offers a powerful and well-designed solution. The digital cutter can handle an incredible range of different materials cleanly and efficiently, while optimizing your entire production workflow.
Your benefit; knowing that your ROI is guaranteed – now and in the future.

Choice of sizes

We offers a wide selection of sizes to secure that they fit your specific needs. Click here to learn more about the available sizes.

Adapts to ever-changing needs

Retain value with this solution. This system provides you with Innovative Technology, Superior Manufacturing and Low Maintenance Costs.

Tailor your cutting system

The Modular Design Concept enables you to define your production requirements and set up the system to match your specific cutting needs.

High volume production

The G3 Cutting System is uniquely qualified for industrial use and can run multi-shift operations 24 hours a day. The world wide service network ensures the availability of spare parts at any time.

Optimized material hold-down

The G3 Cutting System provides you with Energy-efficient vacuum generators. You no longer have to worry about materials moving during processing. The vacuum level is automatically adjusted according to material for reduced power consumption.

Optimized Material Hold-Down

Quality cut and precision

Achieve exceptional productivity and unsurpassed cutting quality. This is the result of the perfect symbiosis between intelligent control technnology and precision found in the G3 cutting system.

Cuts up to 110 mm

The G3 Cutter is available with a beam hight of 30, 60 or 120 mm (approx. 1, 2 or 4 inches). This provides flexibility and versatility in meeting your costumers needs.

Connect your production robot

The system provides solutions for a efficient material handling, and robots can easily be connected. The cutter can be inserted in an existing production workflow or we can provide you with a complete solution.

Automatic calibration system

The system automated calibration for blades, bits and crease wheens eliminates any manual intervention for determin the correct cutting depth. This efficiently makes the setup process fast and precise.

Automatic router bit changer

The system automatically select, initialise and clean after use. The ITI initialization system controls the zero point after each tool fitting, thereby ensuring a constantly precise milling depth. A game changer and importantly time efficient function. It makes milling, polishing and engraving more cost-effective than ever before.

Efficient tool management

The distinctive modular design allows you to configure the required tool in a few quick and easy steps. This solution is flexible and allows instantaneously changes in your production.

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