Intelligent. Efficient. A flexible choice!

Zünd sets the standard for digital cutting, from one-up orders to high-volume production. The S3 digital cutting system is our smallest but powerful and well-designed solution. The unique modularity makes it possible to cost-effectively configure and upgrade your Zünd cutter for ever-changing needs. Your benefit; Flexibility which contributes to exceptional ROI and makes this solution retain value.

Speed by design

The S3 cutter system is fast! This series‘ exceptional processing speeds are the result of intelligent control technology, an advanced drive system, and sophisticated tooling. Optimally synchronized cutting, perforating, marking and routing tools complete the system.

Best price-performance ratio

The price-performance ration of the S3 is remarkable. Only proven technology and high-quality components have gone into the development of this system. The flexibilityreliability and quality of the S3 cutting table are unique and unsurpassed.

Adaptable production workflow

The design of the S3 multifunctional cutter permits variable production workflows. Carefully thought-out material-handling options increase your production capacity manyfold. With non-stop tandem operation, for example, loading, unloading and processing all occur at the same time.

Cutting surface and material hold-down

The S3 features an acrylic vacuum plate. The vacuum holds down the material and is steplessly adjustable across the width of the machine. An energy-efficient vacuum generator provides optimal hold-down.

UR robots

The pick & place robot removes cut parts from the unloading area of the cutter and sorts them. This increase the degree of automation of the cutter system and raises the productivity. The collaborative robots of the manufacturer Universal Robots are designed to work hand in hand with human operating personnel. With six joints and unrivaled flexibility, they are able to imitate the movement of a human arm.

Intelligent performance

The intelligent control technology behind the S3 is particularly impressive. It delivers exceptional performance by combining carefully optimized cutting technology with a precise, maintenance-free drive system.

Ergonomics and operation

The construction and design of the S3 is tailored to the needs of our customers. Ergonomic, user-friendly operation and simple handling are the result.

Robot pick up

Automatic tool initialization

An automated initialization system is used for tool setup. It helps the cutter determine the proper cutting depth quickly, precisely and efficiently.

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