Eye in the sky

One click and the EiS system automatically identifies all jobs placed on the cutter and starts cutting. Even different jobs on different materials are cut together.

Let your operator do other things during cutting.

Simply load the cutter with multiple jobs. No need to open or batch different files and inform the machine about position of the job. A unique barcode informs the system about cut file, cut parameters, job position, etc. One click and all jobs are identified.

Combined with the Automatic Router bit Changer (ARC), it changes router bit automatically depending on material. 

Non-stop cutting of different jobs from roll

Are you printing different jobs on the same roll?

One click and Eis automatically and continuously identifies job, cuts, and feeds forward identifies job, cuts, and feeds forward etc. No operator interference required. 

Continuos cutting of boards

Keep the cutter going and increases productivity. Previously full- or semi-automation was only attractive for volume jobs. With EiS you have full flexibility. EiS identifies the job and starts cutting.

Tandem mode cutting

Let the machine cut in one zone while the operator changes materials in the other zone. EiS continously identifies jobs during cutting. This increases machine productivity and eliminates machine down time. Full flexibility with different jobs on different substrates.