Impact is the system of choice for a growing number of the worlds’ leading packaging and display manufacturers who understands that the key to successful structure design is differentiation and innovation. Packaging and point of sale displays need to communicate the brands message effectively. Impact bundles come complete with the packaging industry’ most automated and powerful features for structural design, product development and virtual 3D sampling.

Impact features a set of fully interactive drawing tools as well as a wide range of reusable design components, which make the creation of custom drawings much faster than with any other packaging design software. Further more to maximise the productivity the software provides customisable tool setting which enables customer specifications to be stored and re-used.

With the extensive range of pre-defined machine settings from all of the industries’ leading press manufacturers such as Bobst and Sanwa.

The Impact software is an intelligent mix of automation and manual control is applied to the production of counter plates. Cutomisable parameters determine the support of partial cuts, reverse cuts and creases, embrossing, tool angles and widths, treatment of periphery and chamfer, and location of mountain pin holes. Impact incorporates advanced editing and nesting features for the creation of ejection rubber parts and is capable of controlling virtual any form of rubber cutting technology. 

Advantages at a glance

  • Layour and design creator
  • Library of design components
  • 3D modelling and animation
  • Provides a set of fully interactive drawing tools
  • With built-in intelligence the software automatically re-size when positioned

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