Pneumatic Oscillating Tool

The Pneumatic Oscillating Tool is an air-driven tool particularly well suited for cutting tough, dense materials but can also handle soft, thicker ones. The use of considerable air pressure in combination with an 8mm stroke gives this tool the force required for tougher applications.

Two versions of the POT are available for accommodating blades with a thickness of 0.6 mm or 1.5 mm. With sufficient beam clearance, materials up to 110 mm/4.3“ thick can be processed. The many possible uses of this tool are further enhanced with a wide range of compatible oscillating blades available from Zünd.

Advantages at A Glance

  • Powerful oscillating with 8 mm stroke
  • Robust, maintenance-free pneumatic drive
  • Two versions available for 0.6 mm or 1.5 mm thick blades
  • Compatible with G3 S3 D3 L3