1 kW Router Module

Designed specifically to meet the growing demand for 24/7 production of signage and displays, the G3 routing module is a tool for cutting rigid plastics, non-ferrous metals, composite panels, and many other rigid substrates. Excellent speed, productivity and versatility are the hallmarks of this module. Equipped with a 1 kW high-frequency spindle, the routing module is well suited for processing substrates up to a thickness of 26 mm, and softer materials up to a maximum of 110 mm. The spindle’s high RPM combined with the robust construction of the G3 permit higher processing speeds than are possible with conventional CNC routers. This maximizes the productivity of the cutter when processing acrylics, wood, and plastics while also enhancing the range of materials that can be cut.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Efficient dust extraction, active air cooling
  • Surface compensation for consistent cutting depths
  • Optional MQL (Minimal Quantity Lubrication) for processing softer aluminium alloys
  • Designed for 24/7 production
  • 1 kW high-frequency spindle for fast processing speeds
  • Compatible with G3

Available Module Versions

Routing depth up to 25 mm
Compatible with S3
Routing depth up to 50 mmCompatible with G3
Ideal module for processing foam materials up to 110 mm
Routing up to 50 mm deep pockets
Compatible with G3 cutters with 120 mm beam hight

3,6 kW Router Module

Achieve unmatched productivity with 3,6kW high-torque router spindle, automatic router bit changer, pneumatic clamping system, and minimum quantity lubrication. The precise and rock-solid Zünd construction produces top-quality results with exceptional surface finish and edge quality. Equipped with a 3,6kW water-cooled spindle, the routing module is well suited for processing tough rigid substrates up to a thickness of 50 mm, and softer materials up to a maximum of 110 mm. 

Advantages at a Glance


  • Wide range of materials
  • Superb routing quality
  • High-torque 3,6kW water-cooled spindle
  • ARC – Automatic Router bit Changer
  • Compatible with G3
  • Extensive bit selection