Convert all cardboard patterns into digital CAD files, in minutes.

PhotoDIGITIZER turns your patterns into customisable, long-term business assets

All in one smart mix of equipment and software that simplify the process of garments design and development through digitized patterns

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PhotoDIGITIZER Main Features

  • Convert the printed or paper patterns into an electronic form

  • Converts image in geometrical shapes, and technical elements

  • Patterns can be saved in many file formats: as *.GEM, DXF, TMP, Assyst ZIP, EXP, IBA

  • Automatic piece contour detection with modifications capabilities

  • Automatically detected the notches, the internal points and the internal axes.

  • Automatically, for each detected notch will be added a grading point ​​

  • Measure pieces on the perimeter, between points and on contour

  • Create and edit internal lines and points

  • Correct, add and edit notches

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