Universal Modules

The Universal Modules are widely applicable carrier modules designed to accommodate many different tools. The versatility of these modules makes configuring the cutting system for specific cutting needs very easy and cost-effective.

A bayonet lock allows for quick tool changes. The module can operate in pressure and in position mode. For different applications, 4 versions of the Universal Module are available.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Exceptionally quick tool changes
  • Tool recognition
  • Two processing modes; pressure, position

Available Module Versions
UM-S ( S3 L3 )
High speed Z-axis
UM-ZS ( G3 D3 )
High speed Z-axis
UM-ZP ( G3 D3 )
High power Z-axis
UM-120 ( G3 )
Especially use with 120 mm beam hight
UM-60 ( G3 D3 )
Especially for use of large diameter tools