Universal Routing Tool

At the heart of the URT is a 300 W router spindle which operates at up to 80,000 rpm, depending on material and application. In combination with the 3 mm bits Zünd offers, this routing/engraving tool delivers solid performance in a wide range of applications. Aside from processing softer materials, the tool can also process more challenging substrates in multiple passes.

In a few quick steps, the URT can be converted from routing to engraving. In Engraving mode, the height of the tool relative to the material surface can be precisely adjusted with a micrometer screw. This ensures precision engraving, with consistent line widths and depths.

The airflow from the dust-extraction effectively cools both the router bit and the spindle, which significantly increases their longevity.

Advantages at A Glance

  • Routing and engraving with one tool
  • Consistent, precise control of routing depth
  • 300 watt router spindle with up to 80,000 RPM
  • Stepless adjustable speeds
  • Wide assortment of Zünd router bits available
  • Compatible with G3 S3 L3