We are looking forward to presenting a comprehensive expansion of our showroom very soon!

In the early spring, COVID-19 swept over Europe, and for a brief period, there was a stillness in Zünd Skandinavien.

Then our current customers and new customers started ordering cutters, knives, and tools for cutting corona-related protection- and information materials; floor stickers, face-protection, info-stickers, etc.

The existing demo-cutters in our showroom were sold out in a matter of a few months, and only a G3L-2500 with an ABB robot remains.

But very soon, it will have company! We have invested over 7 million DDK in new cutters, which will be installed this autumn.

We look forward to welcoming new and existing customers to our new showroom and demonstrating the new trends in digital cutting. This includes automation with robotics, board handling systems, or roll-off.

See more on each cutter and solution here:

G3 L-2500 with EIS Load Table and ABB robot
G3 L-2500 cradle with conveyor extension (CE25)
G3 XL-3200 High Beam
G3 3X-2500 Center Winder
D3 L-3200 Board Handling System
S3 L-1200 with conveyor extension (CE12)