Skärningen går i jämn ström hos Signworks. Den senaste installationen av ett Zünd-bord har satt fart på produktionen som snart tar plats i nya lokaler.
– Det har höjt vår kapacitet otroligt, säger Fredrik Cöster.

18 december tryckte styrelseordföranden Fredrik Cöster på beställningsknappen och vecka två i år var de igång med installationen. Sedan dess har det nya skärbordet – en demomaskin tillverkaren Zünd hade på lager i Schweiz – fått jobba i Signworks lokaler med visirproduktion.

– Det var fantastiskt bra att vi kunde få hit den så snabbt, säger Cöster och fortsätter:

– Det är ett jättefint bord från Zünd, G3 3XL-2500-bordet. Det har höjt vår kapacitet otroligt. Vårt tidigare skärbord skar bara en tredjedel jämfört med vad vi får igenom med det här nya bordet.

Signworks är ett storformatstryckeri i Hägersten, ett fristående bolag sprunget ur Brandworks som arbetar med butiksinredning och mäss-och eventproduktion.

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Cutting flows steadily at Signworks. The latest installation of a Zünd cutting table has accelerated production, which soon will take place in their new facilities.
– It has increased our capacity incredibly, says Fredrik Cöster.

This article is translated from Sign&Print Sweden

On December 18, the chairman of the board, Fredrik Cöster, pressed the order button for a new cutter, and in week two 2021 the installation began. Since then, the new cutting table – a demo machine manufactured by Zünd in Switzerland – has been allocated to work with visor production.

– It was amazing that we could get it here so quickly, says Cöster and continues:

– It is a very nice cutter from Zünd, the G3 3XL-2500 table. It has increased our capacity incredibly. Our previous cutter only managed a third compared to the new one from Zünd.

Signworks is a large format printing company in Hägersten. An independent subsidiary of the company Brandworks, that works with shop fittings and trade fair and event production.

Large format print and visor

Fredrik Cöster says that all hands have been full since the sister company started Signworks in 2013. Signworks produce signage of all different types, large format print ranging from vinyls to milled signs in metal, plastic and wood. During the past pandemic year, the company also started producing visors for healthcare.

– We developed a product that our market welcomed. We now have two CE-marked visors that we produce on assembly lines. So far, we have produced over 800,000 items, he says and adds that they also offer reference signs to restaurants and shops in connection to this as well.

Cöster describes the company’s journey:

– The growth has been non-stop. When the pandemic hit, our sister company experienced a short period of calm, but very quickly jobs started rolling in again.

Why did you invest in a Zünd table?

Our products are made in very large series, and for this we use conveyer-belt technology. The Zünd cutter solution fits our current need for this. Before, the jobs were one-of-a-kind and the series smaller and the setup different.

Cutting and milling

The 3.2 x 2.5 meter large table is equipped with a number of cutting tools, including an oscillating knife and a router. Mainly we cut jobs on materials such as Forex, Re-board, vinyls and fabrics in the graphic production after printing in an Impala flatbed printer from Swissqprint.

– The advantages are the precision of Zünd’s machine, and the sheer capacity of a table this size. Also the option to adapt production to different types of jobs is really fantastic, as well as being able to build on new functions. Now, they are also looking at buying accessories for the cutter such as punching and marking modules.

– This cutting table will be a key player in our graphic production.