Sheet Feeder

Sheet Feeder

Boards and sheets including printed vinyl and dense cardboard materials are fed reliably onto the cutting table.

Highly productive and reliable material feeding – convert your Zünd cutter into an automated production machine! Printed vinyl, film, and dense cardboard materials are transported from the loading table onto the cutting surface using suction cups. After processing, cut parts and waste are collected an off-load table. With this automated production workflow, you can easily handle even longer production runs.

All benefits at a glance

Superior productivity

Suitable for high-volume production

Reliable material transport

Off-load table for collecting cut parts and/or waste


Max. sheet size:

  • M-800: 830 x 1330 mm/32 x 52 in
  • M-1200: 1230 x 1330 mm/48 x 52 in
  • M-1600: 1630 x 1330 mm/64 x 52 in
  • L-1200: 1230 x 1800 mm
  • L-1600: 1630 x 1800 mm

Stack height up to 200 mm/7.5 in

Max. thickness 5 mm / 3/16 in

Compatible with S3 M-line