Software for leather applications

Powerful software solutions for leather converters

Whether you work with small hides for shoes and apparel or large hides for furniture and automotive we offer dedicated software. 

Systems for all production volumes

Depending on your setup and the volume of your production we can offer different solutions. Hide capturing, nesting, cutting and picking can be done at different stations or as an inline process.

For low volume productions we also offer all-on-cut solutions.

Automatic hide capturing

The software automatically detects the contours of the hide including marked quality zones. Hide inspection can be done prior to hide capturing or interactively on the projected leather hide.

We also offer a leather inspection machine for inspection of large hides. Quality zones are marked with a digital pen which leaves no physical marks on the hide. 

Minimal material  waste

Powerful nesting will resolve in minimal material waste. Depending on the application we offer interactive nesting where you manually place the parts on the hide or powerful automatic nesting which automatically places the parts in the dedicated quality zones on the hide.

Visual support for picking/sorting cut parts

All similar parts or parts belonging to the same product can be displayed or projected on the hide. This helps to easily and efficiently sort parts for a certain size or model in preparation for post processing.

ERP integration

The software can be setup to export relevant information back to your ERP system.