First class processing with proven technology

Ultimate flexibility

You conduct ground-breaking research in composites, develop products and the perfect methods for manufacturing them… You build prototypes or produce highly specialized components in short series for customers with the most stringent quality requirements…

You are confronted with the challenges of producing light-weight building products in large quantities… Zünd can offer you a modular, flexible, cost-effective expandable cutting system for processing various materials with impeccable precision.

Individual tailor-made solutions

Zünd cutters are modular by design. With their built-in flexibility, they can be configured to meet an exceptionally wide range of cutting requirements. G3 and S3 cutters comply with the highest safety standards and are UL-certified. Standardized and open interfaces allow for integration in any production workflow.

Zünd software is compatible with a broad range of file formats and can be integrated with other software platforms. Zünd offers robust, proven and thousand times installed cutting technology for industrial applications.

Versatility is our strong suit

Adaptability for a wide spectrum of applications. Technical textiles comprise a broad palette of materials including treated and untreated fabrics, woven and non-woven materials, fleece or felt. Zünd cutting systems offer innovative features designed specifically for flawless processing of these materials.

Our 3XL cutters, for example, efficiently handle up to 3.2m wide rolls. Sophisticated, fully automated material-handling systems such as the center winder can feed from rolls weighing up to 100kg. During production even porous materials are reliably held down with powerful vacuum generators.