S3 Digital Cutter

Compact, flexible, and economical

Speed through smart technology

The S3 digital cutter is fast. The basis for the S3’s outstanding productivity are intelligent control software, a fast drive system, and cutting technology perfected over many years. Zünd tools optimally designed for use on the S3 complete the system.

Adaptable production processes

S3 multi-functional cutting system allows for many and variable cutting processes. With the addition of sophisticated material-handling solution, you can increase production capacity many times over.

Best price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio of the S3 cutter series is excellent. Only the most modern technology and highest-quality components are used. The flexibility, reliability, and quality of the S3 cutter cannot be matched by any competitor.

Modular, efficient, flexible

You have the flexibility to choose precisely the tools you need for the job at hand. Combine the required tools based on your specific requirements. You can equip the S3 with up to two different tools.

The S3 cutting surface is made of acrylic. The material is held down with vacuum and infinitely adjustable across the width. Energy-efficient vacuum generators ensure optimal material hold-down.

The design and build of the S3 are consistently aligned with the needs of our customers. Ergonomic design, easy handling, and user-friendly operation are the result.

Automate picking and sorting of cut parts with a collaborative robot. This enhances the level of automation of your cutting solution and increases productivity. The collaborative robot requires no guards or protective devices.


S3 in action

Combine with Eye in the Sky camera technology

With just one click EIS automatically identifies and starts processing all jobs placed on the cutter. You can even place different jobs on different materials on the cutter and proces them at the same time.

Place multiple jobs on the cutter – no need to open or batch different files together. EIS will detect unique fiducials, printed on each job, to identify material, cutting parameters and positioning on the cutter.

This simplified interaction will save time and allow the operator to do other things during the cutting process.


Cut from the backside with EIS Load Table technology

Increase productivity for applications, where cutting and creasing must be done from the backside.

The EIS Load Table permits offline registration and job identification concurrently with production on the cutter. The operator can load and register the next sheet on the EIS Load Table while the cutter is producing. This benefits the operator, who becomes more efficient and flexible around the cutter.

The smart way of working dramatically reduces production time for camera and/or edge registration and saves time not having to flip the board around.


S3 Digital Cutter sizes


width (mm)


Length S3 (mm)

830, 1230, 1630


width (mm)


Length S3 (mm)

1230, 1630


width (mm)


Length S3 (mm)


Modular, flexible, and adaptable

Reliable and productive – Zünd high-performance modules

Ingeniously versatile

The Zünd tool concept