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Martin Staun, Production Manager

”We have the Gold Service and Support Package with Zünd Skandinavien for our eight cutters, and it works flawlessly!

We use the Service Contract for all issues, whatever the extent. By being on top of things when they occur – even the smallest – we avoid that they develop into more serious issues.

Our cutters are never allowed to deteriorate in any way.

Vi have made careful calculations of the profitability of our Service Contract. However we look at it, having a Service Contract is the best investment for us and entirely worth the cost.”

Christine Sjølie, Oslo Silketrykk

”Zünd Skandinavien has been our supplier of cutters since 2007.

We have chosen to sign a service agreement for both our cutters to ensure our production operates as planned every day. Although Zünd‘s cutters rarely stop, a service agreement gives us security.

Zünd sets up a maintenance plan for our cutters. By this, all maintenance is done in advance so to avoid unnecessary stops in production. Also, a service agreement gives us full access to technicians and assistance along the way.

We at Oslo Silketrykk recommend everyone to sign a service agreement with Zünd to protect their cutters, and give them a longer life.

Our oldest machine is almost 14 years old, so we have plenty of proof that it pays off.”

Tom Iversjö, Production

”We have four Cutters from Zünd, which receive service at least two times a year. Also, we often use telephone-consultation.

We need to minimize downtime, and maximize the speed of production. Having Zünd’s technicians close at hand at all times, is a very crutial part of the agreement.

A short time from problem to solution is also of great value to us. Also the competence and expertise of the technicians, and their advice on how to use our cutters in the best and smartest way.

We are especially happy with our service-guy Niklas Ekstrand, and his expertise and level of service.”

Tuomas I•Print

“Almost every job we do is finished with Zünd cutter and that’s why minimal downtime is essential. Zünd quality and reliability combined with service contract and great support by Zünd Skandinavien lets us concentrate on printing. The cutter will do its job when needed.

In rare cases of emergency help is always available instantly. Most problems are quickly solved via online support and friendly service is just one phone call away.

One great thing is also continuous updates on software. Through the years there have come many new functionalities and our once great nesting and cutting software is even better today.”