Software solutions for textiles

Powerful nesting

The automarker software offers powerful and automatic nesting for the upholstery and apparel industry. It imports files from most CAD systems and performs a fully automatic nesting on simple fabrics or on fabrics with pattern and textures – and with specific widths and stretches. 

Textiles with stripes and patterns

The software identifies the actual position and distortion of the shapes on the material. The software then compensates the shifting in position and distortions by altering the original cut file to match perfectly the new contour. This alteration is made under specific rules and restrictions defined by the user.

Visual picking/sorting support

All similar parts or parts belonging to the same production can be visually displayed. This helps to easily and efficiently sort parts for a certain size or model in preparation for post processing.

Perfect cut of printed textiles

Whether you work with printed textiles for banners or apparel our vision software ensures perfect cut precision. The vision software compensates for shrinking and distortion in the print.

Efficient workflow for printed textiles

Prepare it! optimizes your print-to-cut workflow with efficient file preparation including powerful nesting, tiling, insert of register marks and barcodes, etc.

ERP integration

The software can be setup to export relevant information back to your ERP system.