Tre Well Emballage AB in Arlandastad just outside Stockholm, Sweden becomes the first company in Scandinavia to install and implement Zünd’s G3 XL-3200 BHS system. BHS is abbreviation for Board Handling System. The large format cutting system is capable of converting sheet materials up to 2,2 x 3,2 meter. It is used for cutting short-run series of corrugated boxes – which is Tre Well’s core business.

“The new machine increases our production capacity, while facilitates our staff. We have recently done our first production runs overnight, says Kathryn Arnborg, Managing Director and Owner of Tre Well Emballage AB. It was very easy. We just placed a stack of corrugated sheets in the machine before we left and when we came back in the morning all sheets were cut and stacked on a pallet. The machine is controlled from a user-friendly and intuitive software interface connected directly to our CAD-program.”

The machine is loading sheets from the pallet to the cutting table all by itself using suction cups. The sheet is held in position through vacuum while knife and creasing tools are cutting the box design. After cutting, the entire sheet is moved to the pallet for already cut materials. This unloading process is done by a separate conveyor belt. This method ensures that all parts are held perfectly together unlike lifting systems using suction cups. No brigdes necessary and thereby very easy separate the waste.

Easy to use
The cutter is very easily controlled from the computer or directly from a few buttons on the machine. The only thing our staff needs to do, is loading new pallets in one end and remove the finished products on pallet in the other end. Kathryn Arnborg explains that Tre Well’s two packaging designers also operate the machine which increases our flexibility.
The machine from Zünd (XL-3200 BHS) came in three parts on truck and was installed in only 1-2 days. Tre Well’s production facility in Arlandastad has existed for many years and has undergone several changes throughout the years.

With implementation of the new modern Zünd design and cutting technology, Tre Well also took the opportunity to renovate this part of the plant e.g. removing a 6 meter wide port and instead create wide windows that allows sunlight inside the building.
– We have done the investment to the benefit of our staff. We have very competent people working for us at Tre Well – that we wish to take good care of. At the same time, we increase our capacity and producing without anyone’s at place. Demand goes in waves, continues Kathryn Arnborg.

Handles most materials
In addition to the increase in capacity, counts Kathryn Arnborg to also increase profitability when you can use stock materials more efficiently and utilize waste. We will also be able to offer new products, take in special projects, materials etc. The new machine is very flexible and can cut most materials, both single and strong corrugated, plastic, wood and even fabrics used for sail making.
Tre Well decided to buy a routing option for the cutter. This tool makes it possible to cut out patterns for traditional die board manufacturing – something which Tre Well produces in-house. This investment is made with a leasing contract which allows for further investments. Other complementary production equipment is on our wish list.