Discover the Innovative Laser Technology

The laser system is a modular system using the latest “sealed-off laser technology”. It is perfect for cutting through many different materials with higher speed and precision than a conventional knife cutter. 

Perfectly designed for these Applications



In many fields, laser technology is displacing conventional machining processes for the machining of acrylic glass or plexiglas as if it had been created for the task.



This is a favorite natural material that has been used for numerous purposes for a very long time. Contactless laser machining protects the material, is capable of very fine detailing and opens up a new opportunities.



The requirement for laser machining of woven, non-woven and synthetic materials is growing all the time. Intelligent material handling units detection systems can automate the production process completely.



A laser’s high precision and flexibility makes it the ideal tool for film applications, with obvious potential compared with conventional production processes.


The advantages of laser machining is the high precision and repeatability. It is ideal for many applications and need no material fixing hence no stressing of the material. 

Advantages of Laser Machining

  • Polished cutting edges in acrylic

  • Sharp edges, good fitting tolerances and repeatability
  • Contactless, wear free cutting without material movement
  • Sealed cutting edges in textile and plastic foils

  • Perfect for cutting the different layers used in electronics and membrane switches

  • One system for perfectly dieboard and rubber cutting