EQpack in Eskilstuna – Sweden – continues it’s rapid growth. 2021 has been the year of several major investments, and a major change in the leadership of the company. Owner and former CEO Jan Oveby has recently handed the CEO position to Johan Tjernell, who has had the honor of guiding the company further into a very bright future. The demand for unique packaging solutions is greater than ever at EQpack.

Operator Henrik Andersson

EQpack specializes in packaging solutions for the industry, with a special focus on automotive- and engineering industries, the electronics industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. EQpack’s goal is to be a turnkey supplier of packaging and package solutions.

The main production-focus for EQpack is product-adapted solutions, but they also have standard products in their range.

An important part of the investments made in 2021 was a fully automated digital cutting table from Zünd, and a digital plan printer from Swiss Q Print, which enabled continued growth at EQpack.

It all started in the autumn of 2020, where Henrik Larsson Hedblom from Zünd Skandinavien met with Jan Oveby and Johan Tjernell at EQpack.

Henrik early on makes it clear, that what they need for their production is a Zünd Digital D3 Cutter.

– There was a need at EQpack to be able to be competitive on even larger production volumes. The Zünd D3 Digital Cutter with its double beams is the fastest cutter on the market for the types of materials that EQpack uses.

The talk about test cutting different materials started in autumn. EQpack processes a great deal of rigid and hard materials, which the current machinery could not be cut at the high speeds that automation requires. So Zünd took the most demanding materials back to Zünd’s HQ and showroom in Denmark. Materials such as strong duct-plastic in polypropylene, foam and PET. At Zünd’s HQ in Denmark, we did the test-cutting, recorded it and sent the recording to EQpack in Sweden.

Henrik Larsson Hedblom from Zünd Scandinavia continues.

– After reasuring Jan Oveby at EQpack that we had not fast-forwarded the recordings, EQpack was convinced that a Zünd D3 Cutter was the right solution for them. The speed, precision and the possibility of automation were what confirmed their choice.

In February 2021, EQpack ordered a Zünd D3 L-3200 Digital Cutter with fully automated board handling system (BHS).

The two static production lines for processing materials used in the packaging industry, was now supplemented with a Zünd D3 with double beams and BHS-solution. Now they have Sweden’s fastest production line for digital production of packaging and packing solutions.

Zünd service engineer Niklas Ekstrand and operator Henrik Andersson

By this time, Jan Oveby had already decided to pass the leadership of EQpack to Johan Tjernell, so we agreeded to install the cutter-system in the summer of 2021 as the last piece of the puzzle, before Jan handed the company over to Johan.

In July 2021, the machine was installed – only a few months before Johan’s company takeover.

Johan Tjernell and other employees are extremely satisfied with the new investment.

– The cutter from Zünd has an enormous capacity, and we can run the production unmanned all night, says Johan Tjernell says.

As promised, the cutter opens opportunities for EQpack to participate and compete for larger cutting orders in duct-plastic, corrugated cardboard and foam. The fact that the cutter works unattended most of the day, means that the production staff who have normally been at the cutting tables, are free to perform other tasks.

EQpack has it’s own CAD-department where product research, development and construction is done i collaboration with customers and the company. With the investment in the Zünd D3 cutter and the increased speed of production, EQpack can now offer its customers an even faster delivery of samples and prototypes.

All sorts of materials are processed with the new cutter, but the main focus is still on applications and solutions in duct-plastic, foam, PET and corrugated cardboard.

The purchase of the Zünd D3 L-3200 with Board Handling System has taken EQpack one step closer to becoming Sweden’s most innovative and efficient company for industrial packaging solutions.

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