Zünd Skandinavien ApS wins edp 2013

At FESPA 2013 in London the winners of this year’s EDP Awards were announced. Zünd Skandinavien ApS received the award for “best finishing flatbed system” for the Zünd G3 Move-it loader & stacker system. Move-it is an add-on for the Zünd system. “It’s a very compact way to automatically load and unload the table” was one of the arguments from the EDP Award committee.

With Move-it the loading and unloading process on the Zünd table runs automatically. The system works in two zones to maximize productivity. This means while the machine is cutting in one zone, Move-it is changing board in the other zone – no downtime for material handling!
Move-it is standing on the side of the cutting system, you therefore also have access to the rear end of the machine for easy and fast changeover from board production to roll production.

Move-it works with thin flexible vinyl sheets, cardboard, corrugated boards, Kapa boards, even rigid honeycomb structured Reboard-like materials, etc.