Zünd exhibiting D3 dual-beam cutting system at JEC World 2018

At JEC World 2018 in Paris, March 6 – 8, the Swiss manufacturer presents the latest developments in highly modular digital cutting systems for composites applications. At the center of attention will be the Zünd dual-beam D3 cutter designed for maximum productivity. 

Zünd is known worldwide as a leading supplier of integrated digital cutting systems. At JEC World, March 6 to 8, Hall 5, Booth T40, Zünd presents a broad spectrum of digital cutting solutions. The company’s highly modular, automated cutters offer exceptional cut quality, versatility, and productivity – perfect for the composites industry.

Zünd’s cutting solutions are geared entirely towards automated digital production. With the help of Zünd technology, manufacturers can produce more parts in less time. They can bring products to market quicker, with optimal material usage, and in addition, can benefit from the fact that Zünd cutters are modular by design, offering multiple tool options to process an extraordinarily wide range of materials.

Advanced digital workflows demand a seamless flow of data. With the software solutions Zünd offers, the user is perfectly equipped to handle the vast and varied demands of a challenging market. The software automatically optimizes contours and adjusts cut paths for the type of material and specific tool being used. With the integrated nesting module, parts are automatically nested for optimal yield. Especially in view of mounting material costs, maximizing material usage without sacrificing quality is critical to making digital cutting productive and profitable.

Cutting time is another game changer. With the D3 dual-beam system, Zünd offers an ultra-productive cutting solution. With two beams, each carrying up to three different modules, the D3 system can process any number of materials including multilayered, woven and non-woven materials, films and fleeces twice as fast as a single-beam system.

Zünd cutting solutions are equally unsurpassed when it comes to cost of ownership. Zünd systems are known for their reliability and value retention, minimal maintenance costs and down-time. Because of the advanced level of automation they provide, Zünd cutters also significantly contribute to reducing labor costs.

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