It quickly appears that the Swedish company Emballageteknik is a well-equipped and a modern company with focus on one of today’s most important business areas – market adaptation! Being agile and adaptive is essential for surviving in a fast-changing market, and the company has therefore chosen to invest even further into digitalization and automation, in the battle for growth and success.     

About the company –  

ET are developing and producing solutions within packaging in a wide range of materials, for multiple use. The company have existed since 1984 and brings years of experience within costumer needs- and demands from the industry which, in the last years, has meant even more special products and shorter delivery terms, for the company.  ET have a versatile production setup with a wide range of processing methods from manual cutting and die-cutting to digital processing. The company have been working within the digital technology for about 10 years and today their five factories are equipped with it. The grand gain of the digitalization; flexibility and efficiency allow ET to meet their costumers needs and demands, and is therefore the reason why the company have chosen to invest even further in this specific area.

New possibilities with Zünd – 

When ET decided to invest in new equipment for optimization in the production in Tallinn, they had to choose between die-cutting and digital cutting. The choice fell on a fully automated digital cutting system delivered from Zünd Skandinavien. The system is equipped with a large robot for automatic loading and unloading of foam- and corrugated cardboard. It has three pallet positions and is able to stack the materials at a height of two meters for continuous and unattended processing. The manual resources, which previous was required in the process, are now free for other work within the company.

“We chose the digital solution, because it gives a lot more flexibility in our production. Beside this, the combination of cutting and routing has some advantages which die-cutting simply couldn’t match” says Anders Pontén market responsible at ET, and he continues: “We were confident about using Zünd Skandinavien as a total supplier for the complete cutting- and robot solution. Our experience with Zünd, since we have more of their machines installed, is very good. Also, they were able to refer to other successful installations with atomized robots which convinced us even more, that our choice was the right one.”

Enhanced competitiveness –

Because of released resources ET get the possibility to develop even further within both employees and business, which brings the company some very unique competitive advantages on the market. Beside this, Anders Pontén is very fond of both speed and the flexibility within the digital processing method. “The digital cutting technology allows us to quick and easily move production from one facility to another. The only demand is to import the cutting file to another machine. This means that we can fill out holes in our production, and make sure that our customers get a short lead time – this really makes a different!”

Future – 

The digital future is very exciting. “Zünd are constantly developing to secure that companies have access to equipment which streamlines and optimizes their production” says Martin Roed Nielsen, sales responsible at Zünd Skandinavien, and he ends: “We are happy about the well-established solution at Emballageteknik and we are looking forward following the company in its continued exciting development.”